Bandai Hobby - CS Support Parts- 2 Led Unit Set (Green) (Box of 12)



Before now the only way to get the LEDs needed for such kits as the MG Qan[T] and 00 Raiser (both linked below) was to go through the parts department in Bandai Japan. Well, probably due to the enormous demand for these LEDs Bandai has opted to sell them in this great 2 unit set. This set is for the green LED used in the kits linked below. Each unit takes 2 LR41 watch batteries (sold separately). Set of 2 green LEDs that can be used on a number of Gundam products including MG Sazabi Ver Ka, MG Gundam Exia, MG Marasai and more! LR41/AG3 batteries not included.

  • Runner x2, Instruction x1
  • Green LED Units to light up certain Gundam models!
  • Includes on/off switch
  • 2 unit set

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