KOTOBUKIYA ZOIDS EZ-036 Death Stinger 1/72 scale plastic model(Japan imports)



Equipped with a charged particle cannon of large output to the elongated tail tip. "AZ120mm Haipareza cancer" "AZ120mm hyper beam gun" deployment, center barrel can be reproduced stretch fired state. Tail side of the cover is deformed and expanded into the sea scorpion mode. Moving to set as "Strike laser bytes scissors", "laser cutter" in the previous leg. Strike laser bytes scissors will be able to expose the "Murphy AZ105mm linear Cannon" by opening and closing. Head armor to open and close, reproduced in evil Eyes clear parts that were hidden under the armor. Cockpit possible to boarding are opened and closed by pilot figure. Deployment "E shield generator" of the head armor. Was equipped to mouth "Laser Fang" is inside, the outside is independently movable. The internal If you remove the tough chest armor is embedded "Zoidokoa" is. AZ930mm2 twin shock gun is possible that the base is to adjust the movable and gradient. Backward "rocket booster" is moving to flexible. Four pairs of walking leg is movable flexible. Claw portion of the tip expanded stable can be installed. Besides that it is possible to expand the thruster hatch chest bottom nozzle portion can be a variety of display corresponds to the flying base Neo.

  • Devil to runaway "true Oganoido" appearance! !
  • Material: PS ? PE ? ABS ? PVC (non-phthalate)
  • Body size: Total length: about 450 mm (in sea scorpion mode)
  • Plastic model that requires assembly and painting. Separately, tools, paint etc are necessary.
  • (C) TOMY ZOIDS is a trademark of TOMY Company

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