Probo Sports 6pk Weighted Baseballs / Weighted Softballs for Hitting | Heavy Balls for Batting Practice 15 Ounce x 3.5 Inch



Hitting training equipment doesn't get better than these weighted softballs for hitting. Unless struck perfectly, these practice weighted balls will spin off the bat and go nowhere. Increased 3.5 inch diameter creates a more challenging sweet spot even though the weighted hitting balls are larger than a regular baseball and softball, making these practice baseballs the ideal weighted softballs for hitting. Weighing in at just under a pound, these sand softballs offer increased resistance at contact, translating into a strong follow through to finish the swing. This makes it the perfect softball training equipment for your softball or baseball power swing. Soft feel and low flight speed make for the perfect hitting training and safety baseballs for kids. Grab your practice weighted baseballs and start swinging for the fences today

  • Limited flight baseballs make softball hitting practice in the yard possible, no broken windows
  • Be a better batter as these weighted contact baseballs have a large diameter and a small sweet spot
  • Weighted balls for softball and baseball hitting training. Ideal softball equipment for coaches
  • Baseball hitting aids for kids and high school players, baseball and softball practice equipment
  • Includes weighted training baseballs sheet and tough carry bag for your 6 pack of softballs

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