TAMIYA Ferrari Fxx K

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Product description š circuit racing only model that Ferrari [Super premium Ferrari circuit racing-only] has been developed for the R & D program by the owner that has been selected is the fox K. Tune the parts ferrari's first hybrid car, The La Ferrari from the body to the base up to the engine. Because it does not take into account the racing, without being bound by the regulation, the tuning for the Pursuit of pure speed has been decorated. Body is widened, modify the parts for cooling performance and aerodynamics improvement. V-type cylinder engine of 6262cc, The combination of the hy-kers energy regeneration system, delivers the highest output of really 1, 050PS. Just over 30 units in 2014 is produced, We were attracted admiration of the world. Ÿ [about the models š 1/24 scale, total length 204mm, plastic model Assembly kit of full width 88mm. Š were wide of the front and rear fenders, compared to La Ferrari was based, the actual vehicle modeled as a modifier has been wearing over details such as the duct shape of the side sill and the rear cowl. Š bucket seats and dashboard of the left-right asymmetry, switch or dial is aligned center console, back monitor indoor also impressive plenty. Š before and after suspension and large-diameter brake discs, calipers also realistic. Silencer with no muffler end is plated parts š. Š with nylon mesh for the air intake and outlet. Š v-type cylinder engine of 6, 262cc is precisely reproduce until the transmission or hy-kers system. Š engine is mounted on a sub-frame, which is monocoque and integrally Molded. Š emblem and the mirror surface of the Ferrari is prepared inlet mark. Š sidewall logo of the tire is represented by the mark. Š left and right doors and rear cowl can be opened.

  • Glue and paint sold separately

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